Oct 2014

Optimize your website for smartphones. That’s Google’s advice!

BY Gail Delahunt IN Blog / iPad / Mobile / Responsive / Tablet

According to recent advice from Google, there are generally three different configurations for optimizing websites for smartphones.

  1. Responsive Web Design:  Google’s preferred option. These are websites that can serve all devices with the sa
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Aug 2014

Why your website needs to be Desktop, Tablet and Mobile friendly – Go Responsive

BY Gail Delahunt IN Blog / Business / iPad / Mobile / Responsive / Tablet

In the last 3 years you will have noticed an increasing amount of individuals with their iPhone, smartphone or even tablet seemingly attached to their hip! There has been a dramatic increase in web users that access the internet via mobile devices such as

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Jun 2014

The 5 Key Benefits Of Webshop Responsive Design Sites

BY Brian Larkin IN Blog / Business / Mobile / Responsive

One for All: Or 1 website fits all devices.
In terms of updating and administrating websites, we have only one site, so the costs of labour, the layout of web content, the design reworks etc follow the most efficient website management p

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