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Oct 2014

Optimize your website for smartphones. That’s Google’s advice!

According to recent advice from Google, there are generally three different configurations for optimizing websites for smartphones.

  1. Responsive Web Design:  Google’s preferred option. These are websites that can serve all devices with the same URLs, with each URL serving the same HTML to all devices. Stylesheet is used to change how the page is rendered on each of the various devices, so that all website content ‘fits’ to each screen at it’s optimum size for easy viewing and navigation, ensuring a better user experience. For example, is a responsively designed website, so when when the site is viewed on smartphone or tablet, the URL and content remains the same but the design is optimized for smartphone and tablets. This is Google’s recommended configuration.
  1. A second option are Websites that can dynamically serve all devices on the same set of URLs, however, each URL serves up a different design and HTML depending on whether the user is visiting from a desktop or a mobile device. For example, a website designed using Flash will only work on PCs, so if a user is accessing the website from a smartphone, a HTML version of the site will be served up to the user, although the URL remains the same for all devices.
  1. The last option is to create two entirely separate versions of the website, with two different URLs. One version will be for use when viewed from a desktop or PC, and the other when viewed from a smartphone or tablet. For example and

What does this mean for your website? Well, Google highly recommends that all websites be optimized for smartphones. Why? In order to ensure that your site visitors can navigate easily, minimising the risk of losing them to your competitors website which may be more user friendly. Google also recommend that your website is smartphone search engine friendly in order to be indexed and visible in Google mobile search results.

We recommend using responsive web design especially for businesses that would like to update content and blogs regulary so the same content can be used across all devices. Speak to one of our team for more information on 01 6755055 or email us at

To find out more on Google support click here

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Aug 2014

Why your website needs to be Desktop, Tablet and Mobile friendly – Go Responsive

In the last 3 years you will have noticed an increasing amount of individuals with their iPhone, smartphone or even tablet seemingly attached to their hip! There has been a dramatic increase in web users that access the internet via mobile devices such as iPads, Tablets and Mobile Phones and Smartphones. No longer is it confined to the humble PC user. As a result, if you have a website that is not responsive for iPad, Tablet and Mobile, you are increasing the chances of your visitors leaving quickly and navigating their way to your competitor’s, which may well be fully responsive and therefore easier for them to use. The future is mobile friendly websites.

Did you know…..?

  • 54% of consumer’s most frequently associate “mobile” with iPhones, smartphones etc. *
  • 85% said mobile devices are a central part of everyday life and 90% of those aged 18-24 agreed. **
  • On average, respondents report spending 3.3 hours a day on their smartphones. ***
  • 81% Consumers aged 35-44 own tablets or iPad. ****

Smartphones are currently used to connect with everything and everyone, and consumers who own both smartphone and tablets certainly don’t seem to spend less time using their smartphones. This indicates that tablets complement smartphones, and it would seem in fact, that owning both devices seems to increase the time the user spends online, not reduce it.

Email and searching for information online are the most popular activities to perform on tablets at least once a day. While the tablet may not be fully mobile, it’s trending toward becoming the tablet owners’ preferred method of accessing information online.

2014 Mobile Behaviour Report img 1


Website Mobile Friendly - 2014 Mobile Behaviour Report img 2


Blogging and social activities bring mobile visitors.

A study cites that 55% of social media consumption happens on a mobile device. *****

If you are sharing information links on your social media account and your website is not a fully responsive website, not only you will notice high bounce rates and low conversion rates, but you are also frustrating your site visitors.

Website Mobile Friendly - 2014 Mobile Behaviour Report

Website Mobile Friendly - 2014 Mobile Behaviour Report


Responsive design is preferred for SEO

Google have stated that they preferred one URL, one content body, and one website for all devices. This is because it is more efficient for Google when it is crawling your website to crawl one as opposed to multiple pages.

If you are looking for a responsive website, fully compatible with iPad, Tablets and Mobile, you should consider Webshop. Contact us now to upgrade your existing website or build your new website.

*­­-***** Exact Target provide the survey “2014 Mobile Behaviour Report”


Jun 2014

The 5 Key Benefits Of Webshop Responsive Design Sites

One for All: Or 1 website fits all devices.
In terms of updating and administrating websites, we have only one site, so the costs of labour, the layout of web content, the design reworks etc follow the most efficient website management possible.

Marketing Prioritisation:
So when you have less space to play with, you tend to get more focused on the key messages that you want to get across, which means your target visitor will be happier about getting to the core of your content quicker. There is less room for waffle and ‘lazy’ marketing.

Google’s principle of better user experience driving your site rank is borne out in responsive design, we have 1 site, capturing all inbound links, changing based on the device to improve the user experience….watch your rank improve.

Value for money:
Webshop responsive design is specifically built to allow regular companies create great value responsive design sites for more or less the same cost as a decent ‘PC’ only brochure site. Our techies continually study the advances in this area to allow our customers steal a competitive edge that won’t cost the earth.

Leadership Online:
The market for responsive design sites has just begun, it’s your chance to lead in your market online, and let’s face it , responsive design is great for your marketing kudos!


Jun 2014

Responsive Design Websites- why they matter

We have researched a lot of responsive design stuff, we have tested a lot of the theory too.

Why Responsive Design matters for your business:

The Consumer-Customer base you target have gone mobile– with each phone upgrade its out with the old phone and in with the smart phone. Ipads and Kindles are now almost essential household and personal equipment.

Your current Website may need a rework:

The chances are your current website was designed with the old market involved using what was then the industry standard website designs. Since 2007 and the launch of the iPhone, things changed-just not to your website.

The technology for building sites improved because the user experience while accessing the web was deemed to be poor- so the techies had to come up with ever improving solutions. First came Apps, which in some cases were and still are great, but users still want to browse the internet.

So it was for the ‘browsers’ that mobile access has changed.

In 2010 a innovative designer called Ethan Marcotte put forward the case for Responsive Design , and from there we are here. It involves changing the way we build to suit the consumer and their web devices.

Responsive Design means more satisfied visitors

The net benefit is that Responsive design built websites lead to more satisfied visitors than traditionally built websites.

That simply put if you have a responsive design built site, using it whether on PC, Smartphone or Tablet, Android or IOS, your customers are more likely to interact with your business, and with a higher level of engagement, the chances are you will have a higher level of returns.

Final point that you should consider in terms of web marketing;

Seldom does an opportunity come along for us to be at the forefront of marketing change- this is one such moment, go responsive today-its much cooler!

Learn More: Ethan Marcotte :

The numbers are borne out in terms of sales, mobile devices smart phone and tablet sales, are already out-stripping PC sales worldwide, a trend that is only set to increase as  each family will have 1 -2PC devices per family, but each member will have at least one personal internet device-usually a smart phone. So the ‘average’ family of 4 is likely to have 1 PC and 4 personal mobile internet devices.


Jun 2014

Making the Case against Responsive Design Websites

As a business owner it is always a challenge to balance cost, investment and returns.

The case to hang on to your cash and spend as little of it as possible is a highly compelling one, especially in a recession where the uncertainty of return is at its most acute.

If you have a business, you will possibly have a website. Whether you use it effectively or not depends on

  • The understanding you have for what digital marketing and your web presence can do for your business.
  • The site itself and whether it is technically able to recruit and deliver converted ‘visitors’.

Investing in a website for the future: Is Responsive Design right for your business?

A website is going to cost your business money. The amount can vary greatly depending on what you want your website to do, what functionality is required to achieve that, what design look and feel you would like, how unique you want it to be and what compatibility you would like your site to have.

You should judge the investment against the likely returns

  • How many visitors are you likely to get to your website?
  • How will you get them there- word of mouth, search (Google,Yahoo), Advertising (traditional or digital e.g. Google Adwords)
  • What is the average value of each new customer to your business over 1 year, over 3 years?
  • How many visitors to your site do you think you will need before you get one to buy- also called your conversion rate- eg 1 in 2, 1 in 3,  1 in 10 etc?

So let’s say each new converted visitor to your business brings €100 per year.

If you can convert 1 in every 10, then to have a website for €5000 you will need 50 conversions from 500 visitors in year 1 to break even. In year 2 and 3 if you look after them, and your competitors are not offering a better experience, then they may comeback, as we know this involves work and nothing is guaranteed.

Using Google Analytics to make the case for PC only v’s responsive design

From the analytics, if your website is being accessed by PC only, then you do not need a responsive design site. However we have not seen one site that fits this description. The fact is that on average 33% of your potential market will access your site over the coming year via mobile device.

If your site is built using webshop responsive design, the mobile audience will convert at much the same rate as the PC audience.

In conclusion if an investment of circa €5000 is too much at this moment , then go with a good PC based site only ,keep an eye on the analytics, how it is being accessed and rebuild it in 2 years when you can afford to do so to a responsive design site. This approach is more expensive in the long run but might just suit your cash flow.

Alternatively if the market is there for your product or service then driving the numbers through a responsive design site, could be a better long term investment.


Jun 2014

Its Official…..38% of Irish Consumers now shop online using Smart Devices.

Last week leading Irish Media Placement agency, Carat, published the results of an online survey they conducted this year. The survey’s main finding is that ‘38% of Consumers new shop online via Smartphone or Tablet’.

They state that while PCs still remain the dominant device for online shopping, the popularity of smart devices is growing year on year. 16% of adults have used a tablet to purchase online while 22% have used a smartphone. Interestingly, products which are perceived ‘complicated’ purchases, eg, Airline Tickets or Holiday Packages  continue to be mainly purchased on a PC. The purchase of musical downloads, ebooks , CDs and DVDs have all increased on smart devices.

This survey is just another one of the increasing number that reveal the need for websites to be designed with responsive design at their core. Hands down, Responsive Design is the only viable option for creating one single web experience optimised for all modern devices.

You can view the full article at