Jun 2014

The 5 Key Benefits Of Webshop Responsive Design Sites

One for All: Or 1 website fits all devices.
In terms of updating and administrating websites, we have only one site, so the costs of labour, the layout of web content, the design reworks etc follow the most efficient website management possible.

Marketing Prioritisation:
So when you have less space to play with, you tend to get more focused on the key messages that you want to get across, which means your target visitor will be happier about getting to the core of your content quicker. There is less room for waffle and ‘lazy’ marketing.

Google’s principle of better user experience driving your site rank is borne out in responsive design, we have 1 site, capturing all inbound links, changing based on the device to improve the user experience….watch your rank improve.

Value for money:
Webshop responsive design is specifically built to allow regular companies create great value responsive design sites for more or less the same cost as a decent ‘PC’ only brochure site. Our techies continually study the advances in this area to allow our customers steal a competitive edge that won’t cost the earth.

Leadership Online:
The market for responsive design sites has just begun, it’s your chance to lead in your market online, and let’s face it , responsive design is great for your marketing kudos!